Getting Abs
  The abs and other muscles of the midsection are very important to exercise if you want to get stronger or get ripped. Like with the muscles of the lower back, having strong abs will give you a stronger core so you can support heavy weights when you are lifting. Performing the best ab workouts
Best Ab Workouts
will also help you get that six-pack look if you don't have body fat covering them up.

  The best abdominal workouts should include exercises such as crunches, leg raises, twisting sit-ups on a decline bench, and side bends. You can also do ab exercises with an ab roller or with cables. Most gyms also have an ab machine or two, though you are best off if you do your ab exercises the old fashoined way.

  A core ball is a nice accessory to have for any great ab workout. Nowadays, most gyms have a few of them. If you do your crunches on a core ball you’ll be able get a nice stretch in your abs at the bottom of each rep, which you won’t get if you do the exercise on the floor or on a bench. You can also add a twist at the top of your reps to involve the oblique muscles.

  When you do crunches and sit-ups during the best ab workouts you need to either put your fingers at the sides of your head or fold your arms over your chest. Locking your fingers behind your head may force you to pull on your neck, which can cause an injury in the area.

  One of the best ab workout exercises is the leg raise. These focus on the lower abdominal muscles. The best way to do them is to hang from an overhead bar with your upper arms in harnesses to keep your grip from giving out before your abs. You don't want your body to sway back and forth too much when doing this exercise. Your gym likely has equipment that allows back support when you perform leg raises so your body doesn’t sway. You can also do a form of the leg raise when lying on a bench.

  The best ab workouts should be made up of sets done with higher reps with no, or very little, weight. The abs are a muscle group that you don’t actually want to build a lot of size on as this may give you a blocky appearance. Keep the reps high on all of your sets and strive to get a good burn in the abdominal area.

  The best ab workouts should inlude some training for the oblique muscles. The obliques are the muscles on the sides of the midsection that are covered up by love handles if you're holding extra body fat. Do side bends with light dumbbells or cables to work the obliques with high rep sets. Like with the abs, you don’t want to build too much actual muscle size in the obliques as this will make your waist appear wider.

  The top ab workouts can be done more often than workouts for other muscles groups because the ab muscles recover very quickly. If you want, you can do some ab exercises during almost every workout since it’s hard to actually over-train them. Perfroming an abdominal exercise you haven't done before may make you sore at first, but your body will quickly get used to it. Frequently change which ab exercises you do so you don’t hit a plateau.

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